May 20, 2023

Aragon's Vision for Supporting Diversity and Foreign Entrepreneurs

At Aragon, we are committed to supporting diversity in all its forms. We believe that diversity of thought and experience is essential to driving innovation and building successful businesses. That is why we are dedicated to supporting diverse entrepreneurs and providing them with the resources they need to launch and grow their businesses in Canada.

Our team of mentors is one of our greatest strengths. Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds and have a wealth of experience in a variety of industries. They are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of entrepreneurs, providing guidance and support as they navigate the challenges of launching and growing a business.


We understand that launching a business can be daunting, which is why our mentors provide personalized support to each entrepreneur in our program. They work closely with entrepreneurs to understand their unique challenges and provide guidance on everything from market research to product development and fundraising.


In addition to our mentors, we also provide access to a network of investors and industry experts. We understand that access to capital is essential for entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses, which is why we work closely with investors to identify promising startups and provide them with the funding they need to succeed.

We are also committed to supporting diversity and inclusion within our own organization. We believe that a diverse and inclusive team is essential to driving innovation and building a successful business. That is why we have implemented policies and practices to ensure that we are attracting and retaining top talent from diverse backgrounds.

At Aragon, we believe that supporting diversity is essential to driving innovation and building successful businesses. We are committed to providing the resources and support entrepreneurs need to succeed in Canada, and we are proud of our team of mentors who bring diverse perspectives and experience to our program.