August 28, 2023

Aragon Joins NACO: Paving the Way for Startup Prosperity

In a move that signals a commitment to fostering innovation and catalyzing growth, Aragon is proud to announce its membership with the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO). This alliance opens the doors to a realm of transformative opportunities and reflects Aragon's dedication to nurturing startups and driving entrepreneurial success. As Aragon joins the ranks of NACO's esteemed members, we are excited to take part in their initiatives and contribute to a thriving ecosystem that propels startups toward prosperity.

Embracing NACO's Vision: A Leap into the Future

Aragon’s decision to become a member of NACO is rooted in a shared vision of propelling Canadian startups to new heights. NACO is renowned for its unwavering commitment to cultivating an ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs through access to capital, knowledge, and networks. Aragon's alignment with NACO's vision is a testament to our dedication to supporting the growth of startups and championing innovation on a grand scale.

Driving Initiatives for Startups

NACO is synonymous with pioneering initiatives that have a transformative impact on startups. The organization's unwavering dedication to driving innovation aligns seamlessly with Aragon's own mission. 

The initiatives undertaken by NACO span diverse sectors, amplifying the efforts of startups in Western Canada and Atlantic Canada. For instance, through collaborations with regional organizations, NACO has harnessed the potential of angel investors and early-stage capital to create an ecosystem that propels entrepreneurs from non-urban centers. These initiatives, aligned with Aragon's ethos, are poised to usher in an era of dynamic growth and innovation.

NACO's Reports: Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship

NACO's reports serve as invaluable tools for understanding the evolving landscape of angel investing and startups in Canada. The insights garnered from these reports empower organizations like Aragon to make informed decisions, adapt strategies, and align with prevailing trends. NACO's report on angel activity shed light on the disparities in investment distribution across Canada, providing a roadmap to address these challenges collaboratively.

A Shared Vision with Claudio Rojas

Aragon's alignment with NACO's vision is further underscored by our shared belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Claudio Rojas, CEO of NACO, has championed the cause of providing entrepreneurs with rapid access to capital. This resonates deeply with Aragon's commitment to fostering an ecosystem where startups can thrive and emerge as the driving forces of local economies.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Aragon embarks on this exciting journey with NACO, we are poised to be a catalyst for change. By embracing NACO's initiatives, Aragon aims to play an instrumental role in shaping the narrative of Canada's entrepreneurial landscape. We stand united with NACO in their mission to usher in an era of growth, innovation, and prosperity for startups across the nation.

Through our membership with NACO, Aragon is not merely joining an organization; we are becoming part of a movement. A movement that strives to bridge gaps, empower startups, and create a nurturing ecosystem that paves the way for groundbreaking innovations. Together, Aragon and NACO are poised to leave an indelible mark on Canada's entrepreneurial journey.